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Claire Calman is a writer and broadcaster. Her novels to date include: Growing Up for Beginners, Love is a Four-Letter Word, Lessons for a Sunday Father, I Like it Like That, and Cross My Heart and Hope to Die.


Her latest book (which will be published in June 2021) is called A Second-Hand Husband.


Before she turned to daydreaming full-time, Calman spent several years working in women’s magazines, writing and editing, then in publishing, primarily editing gardening books. She has also been a poet, performing her pithy comic verse on topics such as health, love, and sex live and on radio, including for BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour and Loose Ends. Her short stories have appeared in numerous magazines, as well as in various anthologies, including Cheatin’ Heart, Girls’ Night In, Summer Magic, and Bosom Buddies.

Claire Calman first decided to become a writer when she discovered that it mainly involved drinking cups of tea and gazing out of the window. It was some time before a real writer friend pointed out that if she were to select an assortment of words and arrange them in some kind of order, then it would speed up the process no end….